I really like this album and its energy… and I appreciate {We Speak Luniwaz} as a natural extension of the great man’s work...”

Ian Ward, UK Vibe; reference to Joe Zawinul


Kinsey was named "Best Keyboardist" in the recent JazzTimes 2019 Readers Poll, publishing in March 2020. Click or tap to read several pieces about Scott and some key recordings.


"Scott Kinsey has tremendous music skills, not just playing but producing and sound programming. He is very talented." — Joe Zawinul

“Scott Kinsey has taken the language of the synthesizer to the highest level in our modern times, as he is the first generation of keyboardists who developed electronically as opposed to the acoustic-centric classic piano model.” — Bob Belden 

 “Tribal Tech's secret weapon remains keyboardist Kinsey, who not only adds harmonic meat with his richly provocative choral voicings, hip comping and counterpoint melodies, but also stands as one of the most creative and unpredictable synth soloists around. He is always looking to push the envelope.” — Bill Milkowski 

2016 Top 10 Music List (Near Life Experience) — Jerry Kovarsky, Keyboard Magazine

"Kinsey, perhaps in compensation for his inhuman chops quotient, has now established himself as an innovator for incorporating the human element, in the form of sampled vocals—pitched, unpitched, sung, spoken or screamed—into his custom-programmed sonic voice.” — All About Jazz 

"Kinsey, like Zawinul, possesses formidable chops, but he's equally interested in the orchestral possibilities of technology in real-time improvised settings." — John Kelman

Downloadable Hi-Res Photos (Kinsey, Buckingham, Feraud & Borlai)

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Hadrien Feraud