A summary of electric jazz keyboard master Scott Kinsey’s musical history and achievements is no small task as there is much to know-- but that’s something that becomes relatively clear upon diving into his body of work.

As a young 1991 Berklee grad armed with a bachelor’s degree in piano performance, the Michigan native took his place at the forefront of electric jazz almost immediately, being snatched up by the seminal fusion band Tribal Tech and forming its most enduring line up. During Kinsey’s two-decade tenure, the band produced 6 of its 10-album canon and toured around the world, culminating with the release of the band’s critically-acclaimed swansong, X in 2012. 

Throughout this time, Kinsey began amassing an extensive list of sideman credits--including recorded, live appearances and soundtrack work with the likes of Kurt Rosenwinkel, Matt Garrison, Jimmy Herring, Michael Landau, (more below)-- and also developed his skills in production and mastering (credits below). Additionally, Kinsey began a host of associations that would later bear fruit in the form of future projects and enhance the trajectory of his career there afterward.

Key among these is perhaps Kinsey’s long-time association as friend and protege to legendary jazz icon Joe Zawinul until the visionary keyboardist’s death in 2007. Their musical relationship progressed to the point that Scott was entrusted to produce Joe’s 2002 release, Faces and Places. Scott continues to honor his late friend by not only expounding on Joe’s ouvre with The Zawinul Legacy Band (with Joe’s blessing), but also by building upon that legacy by expanding on the directional groundwork laid by his mentor - especially in continuing evolutions of synthesis and conceptual improvisation.

This is borne out by both Kinsey’s 2007 solo debut Kinesthetics and his 2016 follow-up, Near Life Experience. Both feature a veritable who’s who of well-known (and lesser-known) cutting edge players from around the world.

In addition to these solo releases, Kinsey’s unique voice continued to develop and find clear directions through his work in co-led projects/bands. Human Element - with drum phenom Gary Novak, visionary bassist Matthew Garrison and avant-folk provocateur Arto Tuncboyaciyan - stormed onto the electric jazz scene with their debut performance at the 2010 New Universe Music Festival following with the release of their self-titled debut recording in 2011, and critically well-received follow-up, You Are In You in 2018. Both find Kinsey and his cohorts advancing their musical idiom in new and inventive ways.

2018 also saw Kinsey joining forces with producer and former Yellowjackets bassist Jimmy Haslip and incendiary Hungarian drum phenom Gergo Borlai to form the Arc Trio. On it Kinsey excels at molding his ever-growing talents around new accomplices and the inspirations they bring. Look for a revolutionary new Arc Trio/MSM Schmidt/John Daversa Big Band collaboration that further explodes into new territory for Kinsey, Haslip and Borlai in 2022.

The latest and most exciting development is Kinsey’s recent union with vocalist Mer Sal for their 2021 album Adjustments. With this collaboration that seamlessly incorporates Mer Sal’s impressively-crafted, beautifully-performed vocal material with top-shelf instrumentalism, Kinsey sets a new bar for his abilities as producer, player, composer and simpatico collaborator all in one swoop. Adjustments is rightly emblematic of Kinsey’s seemingly endless aspirations to continually elevate his musical vision - whether that be his next project, next composition or next improvised note.




Scott Kinsey / Mer Sal - Adjustments (2021)

A union of the vocal and instrumental that creates a synergy as compelling as when Joni met Jaco. With an impeccable supporting cast of A-list musicians, Adjustments brings out new dimensions in Kinsey and Mer Sal that forge a musical entity much deeper than just the sum of those talented parts.


Ego Mondo - End Of Daze (2019)

Ego Mondo (the team of bassist Tim Lefebvre, drummer Gary Novak and keyboardist Scott Kinsey) create a genre-exploding cherry bomb that levels preconceived stylistic expectations into a smoldering ash-heap of hipness and good musical fun. Featuring Kokayi on vox along with other talented guests.


Scott Kinsey - We Speak Luniwaz (2019)

Kinsey, with special guests and core players from his Zawinul Legacy Band - (Bassist Hadrien Feraud, sax/flute player Katisse Buckingham, drummer Gergo Borlai) - at once honor the body of work Joe began with Weather Report and repurpose it for their own signature explorations.


Arc Trio - Arc Trio (2018)

Kinsey, Jimmy Haslip and Gergo Borlai offer up a scorching set of modern electric jazz that seemingly brings to bear all the vast musical experience the three can draw from. With guests including Steve Tavaglione, Vinnie Colaiuta, Judd Miller and Gary Novak. 


Human Element - You Are In You (2018)

The sophomore effort from world/electro/avant-folk/jazz/beyond band Human Element shows Mssrs. Kinsey, Novak, Garrison and Tunboyaciyan achieving an even higher orbit than of their self-titled debut. 


Scott Kinsey / Naina Kundu - No Sleep (2017)

Scott’s first infiltration into pop-ier realms with bassist/vocalist Naina Kundu sacrifices none of Kinsey’s instrumental acumen and production savvy. A solid collaboration that yields a fresh take on pop (and proves a harbinger for more great things to come).


Scott Kinsey - Near Life Experience (2016)

Scott’s blazing follow-up to his 2006 debut Kinesthetics, NLE pulls out all the stops with a formidable gathering of unusually talented suspects including Seamus Blake, Michael Landau, Tim Lefebvre, Lalah Hathaway and many others. It’s a wild ride and the next giant leap into Kinsey’s wide-aperture musical field-of-vision. 



In 2022, watch for the Scott Kinsey Group to perform with a big band in celebration of Joe Zawinul’s 90th birthday.

An upcoming Arc Trio / MSM Schmidt / John Daversa Big Band collaboration!

Ongoing appearances at LA’s storied Baked Potato in different configurations.



The Manhattan Transfer (The Chick Corea Songbook), Joe Zawinul (Faces & Places), Tim Hagans (Imagination: Animation and Re-Animation), Tribal Tech (X, Reality Check, Thick, Rocket Science), Gary Willis (Bent, Larger Than Life), Philip Bailey (Soul On Jazz) and James Moody (Homage). 



Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve, Ocean's Thirteen, Code 46, Stander, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, The Girlfriend Experience, Smokin' Aces, Brown Sugar, Analyze That, Haywire, Bob Odenkirk's Let's Go To Prison.


Scott also mixes and masters records, as well as hi-res content for the iTunes+ (MFiT) protocol.



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Nord Keyboards, CME XKey37, Keith McMillen Instruments, Sequential, Arturia, Roli Seaboard, Lauten Audio Microphones and others.