Keyboard master Scott Kinsey and vocal phenom Mer Sal form a unique and organic musical union, brimming with radiance and uncommon depth, on Adjustments.

The record features a mind-boggling A-List of musicians including Scott Henderson, Nir Felder, Oz Noy, Josh Smith, Alex Machacek, Pedro Martins, Steve Tavaglione, Jimmy Haslip, Tim Lefebvre, Hadrien Feraud, Gary Novak, Gergö Borlai, Danny Carey and many others.




The definitive re-imagining of maestro Joe Zawinul's timeless work, as well as new originals that evoke his rich musical legacy. Features Hadrien Feraud, Gergo Borlai, Katisse Buckingham and other modern masters of electric jazz, many with direct connections to Joe. Available now on Whirlwind Recordings.


"Scott Kinsey's realization of these tunes manages to not only pay tribute to the works of Zawinul and Shorter, but also to mine the music for discoverable gold. His band plays the daylights out of these tunes. This album deserves your attention." -- Peter Erskine, drummer of Weather Report





Ego Mondo is sort of a psychedelic, post-apocalyptic hip-hop concept, with supernatural energy and powerful, haunting vocals. It's a new project from the industrial-strength trio of Gary Novak (drums), Tim Lefebvre (electric bass) and Scott Kinsey on keyboards. Plus, special guest singer/rapper Kokayi and contributions from Michael Landau, Jason Lindner, Rachel Eckroth, Alan Hertz and Troy Ziegler. While you're likely familiar with some of these musicians, Ego Mondo will take you places you haven't been.







The ARC Trio album features a core lineup of electric bass icon Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets, Allan Holdsworth, Jing Chi), Scott Kinsey on keyboards and the phenomenal Hungarian drummer Gergö Borlai. Also appearing are two more of the world’s great drummers, Vinnie Colaiuta and Gary Novak, as well as Steve Tavaglione (saxophone, flute and EWI) and Judd Miller (EVI). The result is a unique and exciting adventure in modern electric jazz. Available in digital download and physical CD formats.