In addition to being a first-rate musician, Scott is also an excellent engineer specializing in tracking, mixing and high resolution audio mastering. He is Apple MFiT certified and ready to master your 24bit 96k recordings for the iTunes+ music store! Please contact us for more information. Here are just a few of the fantastic records he's put his magic on!


Human Element: You are in You Mix, master, keyboards
Scott Kinsey & Naina Kundu: No Sleep Mix, master, keyboards, composer, arranger, producer
Jimmy Haslip, Scott Kinsey, Gergo Borlai: Arc Trio Mix, master, keyboards, composer, arranger, co-producer
Scott Kinsey: Near Life Experience Mix, master, keyboards, composer
Gary Willis, Scott Kinsey, Gergo Borlai: Larger Than Life Mix, master, keyboards, composer, co-producer
Seamus Blake: Superconductor Mix, master, keyboards, co-producer
Human Element: Human Element Track, mix, master, keyboards, composer
Scott Kinsey: Kinesthetics Track, mix, master, keyboards, composer
Wayne Krantz: Krantz Carlock Lefebvre Master
Tribal Tech: X Track, mix, master, keyboards, co-producer
Joe Zawinul: Faces and Places Track, mix, co-producer
Henderson, Berlin, Chambers: HBC Track, mix, master, co-producer
John McLaughlin: AbstractLogix Live (CD & DVD) Master
The Manhattan Transfer: The Chick Corea Songbook   Track, keyboards, producer
Jimmy Herring: Lifeboat Master, organ
Lenny White: Anomaly Master
Jimmy Earl: Renewing Disguises Track, mix, master, keyboards
Friedrich Gulda & Joe Zawinul: Music for Two Pianos Master
Alex Machacek: FAT  Master
Melbreeze: Animazonia Mix, master, keyboards
Bob Reynolds: Quartet Master
Alex Machacek, Marco Minnemann: 24 Tales Master
Gergo Borlai: M.M.M. Mix, master, keyboards
Tony Grey: Elevation Master
Sumira: Still Master
Bob Reynolds: Hindsight   Master
Kirk Fletcher: Kirk Fletcher Master
Bob Reynolds: Guitar Band   Master
Uros Spasojevic Project: Third View  Mix, master
Melbreeze: Amethyst   Mix, master, keyboards, arranger
Karim Ziad: Jdid Mix, keyboards
Congopunq (Cyril Atef): No Guns, More Drums Track, mix, keyboards
Sebastiaan Cornelissen: U-Turn Master, keyboards
Ben Tyree: ReVision Master
Stephane Chausse Bertrand Lajudie: Kinematics Mix, master
Jinshi Ozaki: Healing Groovy Mix, master, keyboards